In addition to our product portfolio, use our complete service programme.


Our comprehensive inventory and excellent contacts with leading international manufacturers as well as the use of state-of-the-art storage technology allow for just-in-time deliveries.

As a mediator between production and further processing, our processes are continuously adjusted and optimised according to customer requirements, with high product quality and on-time delivery having top priority.

Route planning of our contract forwarder Aker for local transport

Surface plating

We ensure that your material is foil coated or surface plated. In cooperation with certified surface platers, we offer you strip, sheet and sections in various alloys with different surfaces.

Value-added processing/ cutting to length

Through the use of state-of-the-art automatic sawing machines, we offer you, upon request, to deliver rod sections in cut lengths with the closest cutting tolerances. To optimise your material input we supply you with cut to length plates with the closest tolerances.


The above-stated services are regularly audited and certified. Certificate